My name is ROA.   This is the short history of the band, The Rule Of Nines.

In spring of 1995 I went to San Diego to attend the wedding of former Forced Down guitar player, Mike Down. I met up with the former drummer of the same band, Joseph Patrick who now lived near me. I said that we should form a band together, he agreed. We quickly recruited a band and got busy making music. Being an Emergency Medical Technician, Joseph thought that a good name for the band would be the measurement of burn on a victim’s body: The Rule of Nines.

We quickly wrote five songs and started playing. In three short months, we did seven shows total (Riverside once and twice in all of the following cities: Claremont, San Diego and Santa Barbara), recorded a four-song demo and sent said demo to various record labels. Four of them contacted us regarding being on their label. Almost all of them said that because of the band was comprised of members in previously known bands (Justice League, End to End, Forced Down, Pitchfork) they did not want to put out an E.P. They all said we were to write enough songs for a proper full length L.P.

Well, we stopped playing shows to concentrate on writing more songs but a funny thing happened: we ended up not writing anything and fighting about everything (rent money, commitment, productivity, equipment, boredom). The band thought I was becoming rather ornery (pay rent, write songs & write songs, pay rent) and then told me to get lost because they were getting a new singer. I was now out of the band.

I was bummed for the obvious reasons but most of all because I could not find my copy of the demo and the rest of the band trashed theirs because, to them, it was old news! Gone. Admittedly, I kind of forgot about preserving the tape as well as I had since joined up with the awesome band EYELID and that was going very well.

Well, fast-forward years later to early 2011. I found a tape with three songs from the band and we all thought it would be nice to document that short period in our lives. A friend put me in touch with Irish VooDoo Records. I had met the owners previously way back in the 1980s. They are centered in my hometown and I thought that it would be a good match. I hope you like the music and, more importantly, the message.

Listen to songs off The Rule Of Nines 7″


First Domino