Stream the new Juggernaut “Ambition To Destroy”

Available April 26th at all stores and digital outlets.

Check out the Juggernaut feature at NoEcho














This Friday we have some great Black Friday deals going on.

Click links for Pre order info.

Pre Order the new PUSH OFF Bundle (only 25 available )

Pre Order the new EGODESTROYS CD LP at a Black Friday price!

Order the new SINCE WE WERE KIDS limited flexi vinyl !



New EgoDestroys song “All My Friends” off the new LP “A New Cold War” dropping soon

Check out the EgoDestroys interview at No Echo.


Lots of good music and bands coming from the East Coast, EGODESTROYS, CONCRETE, LONGEST WAR, ONBODIES, THE LAST STAND, METH MOUTH, PUSH OFF, and now JUGGERNAUT!

I first heard of the JUGGERNAUT while being on Blasphemour Records.  A very cool label who puts out limited tapes and vinyl of lots of good bands, even some Irish Voodoo bands, so check out that label.

Then a few months ago i get a email from Juggernaut, with plans and ideas for the future, plus new music, lets just say I was sold!  Please welcome to the Voodoo Crew, JUGGERNAUT!


Bloodmoon and Trapped Within Burning Machinery

Here is some BLACK VOODOO NEWS!  Bloodmoon and Trapped Within Burning Machinery teamed up together to  bring you some evil music!

This will be a limited LP split on vinyl format.  For info of the release and pre order date, click the link. STORE


stop claiming start skating!

The new single from SINCE WE WERE KIDS “Stop Claiming , Start Skating”



Please welcome EGODESTROYS to the Voodoo Crew Family!








We are very happy to be working with EgoDestroys, and the new debut full length “A New Cold War”

More info and news coming soon.





Must be something in the water in Cincinnati Ohio, or just in Ohio period! First we had Justified Defiance, Treason, Face Value, and INTEGRITY.  Irish Voodoo is proud to welcome Straight Edge Hardcore band PUSH OFF to the Voodoo Crew.




Please welcome COMMON WAR to the Voodoo Crew!  I been trying to work with these guys for a while, but the timing couldn’t be better.  Not only a great band, but great friends.  Head on over to the Irish Voodoo Records Bandcamp, and stream the new song “DEATH STARE” off the new album “POSSESS YOURSELF” coming late June early July in digipak CD format and digital.  For all the vinyl fans, this will be on wax later in the year.