EgoDestroys is a hardcore band hailing from Syracuse, NY that delivers a throwback style with a modern twist. Implementing a more structured approach to songwriting that seamlessly intermingles super heavy and raw moments with singalong melodies… all while keeping that BOUNCE. 
Drawing influence from punk, metal, rock, and hardcore their set sounds like your favorite playlist on shuffle. If you haven’t caught them with Madball, Incendiary, Slapshot, Terror, Sworn Enemy, Biohazard, DRI, Strife, Stigmata, Death Before Dishonor, Ringworm, or Brick by Brick, then you can look to catch them in a city near you soon!
Featuring current and former members of Slapshot, Santa Sangre, and True Blue, EgoDestroys is for fans of Madball, Sick of it All, and Wisdom in Chains