Hardcore has become so slick and stylized, to the point where many of it’s most basic tenets are barely recognizable, if not entirely absent.  Yet somehow, despite all of these bands sounding so “brutal”, none of them seem to sound “angry”.  But there’s a huge difference between the two: Brutality is a style,where anger is a problem.  ON BODIES has problems.

Formed in 2012 by vocalist Damien Moyal (As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again) and bassist Rich Thurston (Culture , Blood Has Been Shed, Terror), ON BODIES rounds out its ranks with former members of Shai Hulud, Until The End and Glasseater, and together they execute mean, dark and daring hardcore.  The band barrels forward at breakneck speed, while the vocals scold with commanding, rabid precision. And always,at the black, embittered heart of each song, is a seething, uncomfortable and highly-critical sense of urgency and discontent.

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