In two years time, Plagues has not wasted a spare moment setting down roots to become a name in the fast moving Socali scene. Self releasing an EP and another two via Irish Voodoo Records. They have become a sleeper cell delivering a pedigree of dark, gritty hardcore that the region has become known for. Carrying on a maladjusted tradition like such outfits as Restrained and The Love Below, they run with the torch lit by their own flame of discordant measures, driving drum lines intertwined with throat-wrenched vocals spouting out discontent. Giving an overall ambiance of self-loathing and desperation, all the while turning the genre upside-down.

Now finally finding their place amongst other misfits such as Old Wounds, Convul and Burn Your Life Down. We are extremely content to have Plagues apart of this malfunction. Plagues have already begun their recording for their debut EP with Erol “Rollie” Ulug at Bright Lights Studios (Dangers, Graf Orlock, Children Of God, Seahaven).

We are very proud of the boys, they worked hard for us and we couldn’t ask for anything more.  On sale now at Irish Voodoo


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