BETTER HOPE FOUNDATION “Trading Heroes For Ghost”

These records are either red with black swirl or green with black swirl. All the music is pressed on the A side of the record and the B side has artwork including the A Better Hope Foundation logo laser etched into it. Each record comes in a clear record cover unless otherwise listed.

Pressing Info:  500 on Red and Black Swirl


Track Listing

01) The Widowmaker
02) Curbstomp Your Enthusiam
03) Trading Heroes For Ghosts
04) This is the Angry Part 3
05) The King is Back
06) Ian Mackaye is an Uncle Tom
07) Glutton For Punishment
08) Colder Nights
09) Swallowing Pride by the Gallons
10) An Uncanny Resembalance
11) Our Hearts are Napalm
12) A Hell Called Home

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