Fleas is another hardcore punk band with influences from every corner of music.  Stop Caring was self released in the summer of 2011 and was re mixed and mastered for digital sale by Irish Voodoo Records.  Fleas targets it’s own music scene to criticize and protest in their lyrics.  From dim witted sarcastic lines such as “drink, smoke weed, do drugs”, to more elaborate stomach turning lyrics like “death is the only thing loyal to me.”  Fleas has no limits and may write a country song.  Although they never play big shows, Fleas will perform anywhere.  Isaiah Cordero plays guitar, Benjamin Monarrez plays drums and Brad Veleker is the front man.  Fill in bass players vary from the little shows that they play.  The reason the drums are limited in skill are because the drummer, Ben, had to teach himself how to play 2 years ago because this band doesn’t associate with anyone other than themselves, making it more than a challenge to find musicians, hence the lack of a set bass player.  Fleas will write a punk song from the 80’s one day and write a heavy fast Obituary riff the next.  This band is a maze with no exit, a skydiver who intentionally jumped without a parachute, a purple sheep among black, a true stray dog, the punk of punk.  If you hate this band, you have no sense a humor, or try to hard to be apart of a scene that is built from cool merch and cloned bands.  ”  We love Fleas, they are like our adopted brother that no one wants, the runt of the litter, how can you not love them”…Joey VooDoo

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