Have a new song called FULL CIRCLE  for free downlode.  FULL CIRCLE will be on the new 7″ split with PLAGUES coming soon.

Full Circle


I woke up empty today because I ain’t got that much.
A few good friends, no confidence, and a family thats out of touch
and if I ever had a chance in this world of shit
I threw it away with apathy, and my clenched fucking fist.
Will someone please check my pulse? I no longer feel alive.
Another day, another dollar, another part of me dies.
Doctor save me from this fucking routine.
I’ll take another pill for numbing and mending.
I watched the working class fall to their knees.
If this is all thats left, then fucking end me.
No longer will I live my life as if it’s not mine.
I followed your ways, stepped in your graves, and got lost in your lines.
I hate the ones who are just like me, and swat the flies that sting like bees,
You fucking fed me this disease.
So lick the pen and milk the ink.
Record disgust and take another drink.
Cause another morning is another curse.
Another day breeds another verse.
Another lie, another foot in the hole
Another day I play my father’s role.


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