Rich Thurston is know stranger to the hardcore scene, in fact he’s been in a lot of bands you heard off.

Rich composed and written the DEEP BREATH EP, and comes to light on a limited Lathe square cut vinyl .





Richard Thurston (born January 6, 1973), often only referred as “Rich Thurston” is a musician originally from Florida. He has however been in bands in Connecticut and California as well. In his time with bands he has gone from doing vocals, to guitar, and now to bass. Rich is also known for his straight-edgeand vegan views and followings. He is now a professional fighter in Mixed Martial Arts. In November 2004, Rich dislocated his shoulder during a fight.In 2000 he provided back up vocals and co-wrote lyrics to Until the End‘s self-titled EP.


  • Ego Trip (1991-1992) as guitarist
  • Timescape Zero (1992) as guitarist
  • Grip (1993) as guitarist
  • Culture (1993-1997) as guitarist, bassist and vocalist
  • Elijahs Message (1998) as guitarist
  • Blood Has Been Shed (2000) as bassist
  • Diecast (2000) as guitarist
  • Broken Glass Everywhere (2001) as guitarist
  • One Nation Under (2001-2002) as guitarist
  • Terror (2002-2003) as bassist
  • Walls of Jericho (2003) as touring guitarist
  • Against (2003) as guitarist
  • Still Crossed (2003-2004) as guitarist
  • On Bodies (2011–present) as guitarist[1]
  • Justified Defiance as vocalist (2016)
  • Treason (2017) as guitarts