Irish Voodoo Records

PISSING MATCH was formed in the fall and winter of 2013-’14 by guitarist, Aaron Adkins (Everything Falls Apart, Able Danger, Lewd Dewds), who had wanted to start a hardcore band that borrowed from his latest obsession: the short, frantic start-stop frenzy of the Swedish hardcore duo, Pusrad, and wed it with the sounds of USHC alumni D.R.I., Koro, and Negative Approach with a slash of toilet humor for yucks.


After recording all of the instruments and vocals for a ten song demo tape clocking in at just over three minutes,  Adkins enlisted vocalist, Jay Galvin (Slugfest, Face the Panic, Pure Heel), who suggested the young pisspot, Rob Ohlenschlager (Pure Heel), on drums and veteran bassist, Joe Villella (KDC, Fledging Death, Bleed For Me), to round out the lineup.


After the release of the aforementioned demo tape in 2014, followed by the six minute sixteen song “Break the Seal” 7″ in 2016; the gang quickly marked their territory on the US hardcore scene. The quartet subsequently shared the stage with a diversity of international hardcore and punk acts such as Terror, Iron Reagan, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Negative Approach, Chokehold, and La Armada among numerous others.


In 2019, PM enlisted Aaron Ratajczak (Every Time I Die, Face the Panic, Bleed For Me) to fatten up their gold stream of short, fast urine-soaked hardcore. The quintet plan on releasing their follow-up to “Break the Seal” in late 2020. Don’t blink at PISSING MATCH or you might just miss the bowl!