MUSCARIA is one of the most important bands in South American rock and the first Ecuadorian hardcore band. It was born in San Francisco de Quito in a hectic time, marked by the alternative subculture, DIY ethic and the viscerality of punk. In a short time it established as a reference for Ecuadorian hardcore, touring around the country in the effervescence of those youth years. In 2003 they make history in the South Américan metal scene with their video “Afecto Alterado” which got up to #3 of the top 20 of Latin MTV (southern signal). With this they are taken into account for festivals and tours in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. Years later “Perdura”, produced by the Argentinian musician Andrés Giménez (A.N.I.M.A.L, De La Tierra) revolutionized once again extreme music in South América and takes the band festivals in Latin America such as Rock Al Parque in Colombia and MaquinariaRockfest in Brazil. After having conquered a large part of Latin America (Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador) and after some concert cycles in the USA (New York – 2013, 2015, 2017) they release the single “Pacto sin Retorno” as an advance of their new album, and take the road again, this time to tour Mexico (Pachuca, Queretaro, Mexico City and Guadalajara) with THELL BARRIO. In February 2018 the 8th album of MUSCARIA is recorded in FIREWATER STUDIOS (Los Angeles, Ca) at Billy Graziadei’s Studio (Biohazard, Powerflo, Blood for Blood, Suicide City). Graziadei’s already historic reputation has grown with the passing of years working with bands like SLIPKNOT, SICK OF IT ALL, CYPRESS HILL, SEPULTURA, ONYX, TYPE-O-NEGATIVE, KITTIE, LIFE OF AGONY, BIOHAZARD, SPOILER NYC , BLOODCLOT, STIGMA, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, WU-TANG CLAN. The “Quiteño” quartet is preparing to take on perhaps the most imporatant moment in its 25 year career with this production, that promises to be the most mature and conceptual album of MUSCARIA.

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