We are proud to welcome LONGEST WAR to the Voodoo Crew!

LONGEST WAR is no stranger to the hardcore scene, with members who played in

Chokehold(A389), Despair(Trustkill/Initial), Union(Ferret), 78 Days(Trustkill/Goodfellow), Dead to the World(Stillborn), Herod(Lifeforce), Prayer for a Fallen Angel(Goodfellow), Building on Fire(Hex), Face the Panic(Reaper), The Control(Go Kart).

We at Irish Voodoo are proud to be working with them.

In the works will be a vinyl/cd/tape/digital release.

Two versions of the vinyl release will take part with two different color covers, as well as vinyl

Genet Records from Europe will handle the exclusive Europe version, give them a follow for updates.

LONGEST WAR has releases by Blasphemour Records , State Of Mind Recordings, and Press Gang Records.

Drop Date: TBA

LONGEST WAR band page.



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