“Temple of Dagon was formed in 2009 by Dwane Burgess, Kyle Hertz, Eliijah Birdsong, and Brandon Ebell. Their influences derive mainly from 90’s-era crust, stenchcore, death metal, and thrash, which they have blended into a sound all their own. – They released their first EP, Book of Azathoth, at the end of ’09, and embarked on a tour of the southern US in support of its release. This album and tour saw rave reviews from underground critics, bloggers, etc., and was popular amongst crusties, punks, thrashers, and metalheads alike. – In 2010, they recruited Mark Chaaos on 2nd guitar, and proceeded to play a bevy of local and out of town shows, both headlining and supporting acts such as Hellbastard, Deviated Instinct, Doom, and more. However, in late 2010, they unexpectedly lost Mark, Brandon, and Eli due to various family and personal issues. This did not stop them, as 2011 they recruited Alex LiCausi on bass and backing vocals, and Gio Loyola on drums. This lineup went on to record their first LP, Rituals of the Deep. – The recording of Rituals of the Deep saw Temple of Dagon expand upon their previous influences and truly hone their own sound, further blending crust, punk, thrash, and death metal riffs, all with a heavy dose of d-beat and blastbeats. – 2013 brought yet another change, with Gio leaving the fold, and Temple of Dagon bringing in Nelson Lopez on drums and Jacob Smyle on guitar. This proved to be the most stable foundation, and putting Temple of Dagon back on track with newfound energy, direction, and purpose. – In 2014, Temple of Dagon released their LP Rituals of the Deep, and saw them immediately start writing their follow-up EP Revelations of the Spirit. During this time, they embarked on another slew of headlining shows and gigs supporting some of their biggest influences, such as Eyehategod, Hellshock, and more. – Now, in 2015, with their most solid lineup to date, a drive unmatched by their peers, and their heaviest sound yet, they are set to release Revelations of the Spirit with the help of Black Voodoo Records and embark on their first tour in over 5 years.”




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Temple Of Dagon Record Cover