Irish Voodoo Records is proud to have ON BODIES to the family.  It all started with a email from the vocalist Damien Moyal, I knew of his past work, and I heard of ON BODIES, so I knew what to expect.  After talking on the phone, many txt messages, emails, the deal was set.  We decided to re release THE LONG CON 12″ released by Germany’s Coffeebreath & Heartache Records, as a 10″ vinyl with a GOLD FOIL cover (USA Version Release)  Me and Damien thought it would be cool to make our release look different than the German release.  This will be a pressing of 500, which will be 100 Solid Gold, 100 Clear, and 300 Black.  As we speak, ON BODIES is in the studio working on some new songs for a new release already.  The record is at the pressing plant, but cant give a time or drop date just yet, since the pressing plants are so busy now.  We will keep you updated, as we get them.


ON BODIES Merch&Music


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