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From the San Fernando Valley,  California, out of the dirt backyards and off the backs of a busted launch ramp, NonCon is hardcore that grew out of the LA River rhythm: concrete, heat, and beats.

NonCon was originally formed in 1984 by then 14 year old guitarist Mikael Romano.  They folded after their first show at the Sun Valley Auditorium.  In 2012, NonCon was relit by Romano and bassist james Morris (Downset).  Strewn amidst the human wreckage of friends, enemies, and defunct bandmates, appeared classic Joe Fuchs, (Bloodcum) on vocals.  Rounding out the guitars was Tristan Torres, and basher Chris Avilla (Public Nuisance) on drums.

NonCon carries a bloody nose at the Anti Club in 1986.

NonCon feels like a sweaty t-shirt at the Reseda Country Club.

NonCon is ditching school to skate a ditch

NonCon is before things got too much.

NonCon is genuine Los Angeles punk rock.  It is the band that now 40 year old kids in this band were inspired by.  it should make you feel like you were there-even if you don’t know what that means.



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