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New Age Records stands as one of the premiere hardcore labels in southern California. Established on a shoestring budget in 1988 by hardcore dignitary Mike Hartsfield, in attempts to give unknown hardcore bands with a message and sincerity a chance to get out of the garages and into studios. “The message is the music,” says Hartsfield. The fuse was lit. “Hardcore had an honesty and emotion that I just had to be a part of.” The dream New Age Records was realized.

New Age Records steamrolled almost into a monopoly with every southern California band, not to mention worldwide hopefuls, beating down the door for a home at a “real” hardcore label. The New Age stable reads like a variable who’s who of hardcore folk lore. Bands like Unbroken, the San Diego boys that helped harvest the hardcore/metal fusion. Outspoken, the positive straightedge kids responsible for coining the phrase “Straightedge isn’t cool anymore… So what!” A Chorus of Disapproval, the militant straightedge band that actually drove fear into a generation. Strife, the west coast heavyweights who mowed over what it’s predecessors left wanting more. New Age tightened it’s grip around the east coast as well with groups such as Lifetime, a band near and dear to the hearts of any fan of emotional styled hardcore. Turning Point, and Mouthpiece were the pride of east coast hardcore proper, with their driven views and endless aggression. Launching into 2000 it was Countervail, Amendment Eighteen & Red Tape leading the way. After a break from signing new bands it was time again to strengthen the New Age roster. Aftermath of a Trainwreck, Just Went Black, Countdown to Life, Hellfire Trigger, Five Victims Four Graves, Fight Everyone, This Time Tomorrow, all made the label a better place in the mid 2000’s with amazing releases and shows to remember.The New Age Records tradition of excellence continues 21 years after it’s inception with the most recent additions of Today and Everything After, One Choice, Time For Change, Seven Generations, A Better Hope Foundation and Royal Monsters.

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